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The MST ENERGY PENDANT is uniquely produced using a Japanese Mineral Science Technology to provide us with sufficient scalar frequencies. MST Scalar Energy Pendant active ingredients inside the Pendant comprise of over 70 different natural minerals extracted from volcanic rocks which are then recombined using nanotechnology and heat fusion methods. MST Scalar Pendant contains high quality bonded volcanic minerals of Japan and Germany that efficiently emit the powerful scalar energy. Some forms of energy are more effective than others and have a whole range of profound beneficial effects on the human body.


    MST Energy Pendant is a natural energy generating device which improves metabolic and circulatory functions of the body to achieve optimal holistic health. The Stone energy is volcanic eruption after igneous rock form by magma, which after years of wind and rain water , produces active energy ingredients inside , Using advance technology and combined nanotechnology and heat fusion methods for the pendant ,It is able to produce and regulate energy level suitable to human form . It works by radiating natural energy which has definite positive effects on the body including.

    1. Is rich of trace elements that naturally effective balance meridian system and stabilize human’s bio-field
    2. Increasing the energy level of every single cell in the body facilitating the entry nutrients and elimination of wastes from the cells.
    3. Help your cells return to their 'rhythm of life' and regain their ability to repair themselves.
    4. Converting the water in the body to become smaller molecules (micro-clusters) which has better dissolving, cleansing and healing powers. Increase trans membrane potential.
    5. Neutralizing the harmful effects of external electro-magnetic radiation.
    6. Reduce Inflammation.

    Regular exposure to the Energy Pendant :

    1. Increase the energy covalent level of every single hydrogen atom in the body. This is significant because covalent hydrogen bonds are what hold your DNA together.
    2. Improve cell wall permeability, facilitating the intake of nutrients into each hand every cell and the elimination of waste from reduced size of water molecules.
    3. Decrease the surface tension bodies ultimate carried, the water molecules thereby significantly reducing the time required for your body to assimilate nutrients
    4. Cleanse the blood of toxin
    5. Eliminate and nullify the effects of man made frequencies in the human body
    e.g.: computers, hand phone & other electrical appliances.
    6. Improve mental focus (as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies)
    7. Slow down ageing process.
    8. Work as an antidepressant.
    9. Improve immune function.
    10. Increases oxygen supply to blood stream
    11. Calm the body and reduce stress level, headaches and migraine
    12. Improve on digestive discomfort, constipation , help ease conditioning gastrointestinal tract and accelerate burning of fat.
    13. Ultimately improved on your lifestyles




1) MST Scalar Pendant Enhances your immune and endocrine system

2) Golden MST Pendant Enhances your cellular permeability

3)MST Scalar Pendant Helps your body in detoxification

4) MST Scalar Energy Pendant Helps to protect your DNA from being damaged

5)Energy Pendant Helps you to prevent and guard against cancer

6)Mineral Science Pendant Improves your blood circulation

7)mst pendant Improves your mental faculty of concentration

8) Protects you against electromagnetic fields and waves e.g.: radiation from mobile phones, computers, TV etc

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