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Nano Fabrics India is the largest manufacturers, Exporters & Importers of Nano Fabrics & Nano Garments. The wide variety of features like quick dry, odour free, Stain resistant Technology, coolest comfort Technology, with FIR & Negative Ions, Antibacterial, Releases Stains, Wrinkle free, Environment Friendly makes Nano Fabrics India's offerings truly unique in today's Garment Industry.

The first commercial application of Nano tech in textile and clothing industry is found in the form of Nano particle (some times called Nano bead) through a finishing process, which is generally known as nano finishing. The impact of nano Technology in the textile finishing area has brought up innovative finishing as well as new application technique. This application is aimed at imparting multi functional properties such as ultra violet resistant, anti bacterial, moisture control to apparel products, made from natural fibers including, cotton, wool, silk and also synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. These multifunctional properties are achieved through changing fabric at molecular level by Nano Technology process. The nano technology finish creates fabrics that minimize stains, superior liquid repellency and provide wrinkle resistance. These enhanced fabric allow water spills to easily bead and roll of the fabric without penetrating the fibers and maintain in the fabric throughout the life of the garment.
Over the years, Nano Fabrics have been widely used in all kinds of industries such as national defense, health care, environment protection, agriculture, architecture, textile industry, medicine and cosmetic. It has wide prospects, definitely the Fabric of Tomorrow.


     Nano Technology

    Nanotechnology is the technical process of working on the Nano-scale – each Nano-scale molecule is one million times smaller than a grain of sand. Nanotechnology refers to not only the small size of the materials being used, but also how those materials are engineered to perform specific functions.

    Nano Fabric has been made with Special Nano chemical application to the fabric, which forms molecular structures around the cotton fibers. This creates an invisible barrier for moisture & prevents absorption.

    Nano Technology can be applied to cotton, polyester, wool, silk or rayon. It repels liquids, extends the life of the fabrics, Retains fabric’s natural softness, Allows fabric to breathe naturally. After applying the Resists Spills treatment, the fabric becomes both liquid repellent and stain resistant. Without ever penetrating the fabric, liquids such as coffee, wine & water bead up and roll off the fabric. Not only does it repel static, but the treatment also repels statically attractive substances such as dog hair, lint and dust. It also protects the fabric against microbes such as mildew, mold, fungi, algae & bacteria. It helps to reduce odours & stains caused by microbes.

    Traditional coatings make garments feel stiff and clog the weave of the fabric preventing breathability. Using nanotechnology, our treatments are small enough to attach to individual fibers, delivering superior performance characteristics without compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric.

    Nano Fabrics

    Nano Fabrics uses revolutionary technology to enhance fabrics on a molecular level. This results in a Fabric that resists spills, repels stains that can be dried fast, is odour free and is environment friendly without sacrificing comfort. IT’S A WATER REPELLENT FABRICS.,NOT WATER PROOF..

    • Resists Spills Technology
    • Reduces water absorption
    • Dries quickly
    • Maximizes comfort
    • Retains its natural softness
    • Maintains breathability
    • Repels rain sleet & snow
    • Helps stains wash out easily
    • Provides long lasting protection
    • Extends the life of the garment
    • Balances body temperature
    • Wicks moisture away from skin
    • Attracts, isolates, and neutralizes odours immediately
    • Allows stains to wash out easily




Nano Health Fabric is the result of a new technological breakthrough in fabric’s enhancement and health concept. It has Exceptional antibacterial effect, Anti UV ray, Heat conductive, Improve blood circulation, Anti-inflammatory and anti allergic. Nano Health Fabric fibers are made with composites polymeric material, which emit infrared rays and negative Ions.
The combination of Infrared rays and Negative Ions help improve blood circulation, aid in stress relief, increase mental alertness, and assist faster recovery from fatigue and injuries.

Nano Health Fabric is able to deliver superior performance attributes without compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric by utilizing NANO-TECHNOLOGY. This technological process involved fabric treatment in Nano-scale molecule, which is one million times smaller than a grain of sand.

Exceptional antibacterial effect
Anti UV ray
Heat conductive
Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
High elastic material & comfortable to wear
Easy to wash
Cell-activating, increases production of negative ions and copper ions
Strengthens blood flow and clears up swelling
Improves collagen secretion for wound recovery

Provides the optimal enhancement in blood circulation. Increases the metabolism & preventing exhaustion
Relieves the body of metabolic wastes
Dissolves free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat and strengthens skin elasticity to achieve weight loss and a lean body.
Slims & shapes up the body naturally and cost effective
Firms up the tummy, breasts & hips
Excrete toxins from body
Decreases Leucorrhea (white discharge)
Prevents hemorrhoid
Removes foul smell
Relieves pain in the waist, constipation etc
Prevents accumulation of germs
Gives long-lasting effect