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Snoring is a very serious issue. Lives are lost when people are in the ‘I don’t snore’ denial mode. There is absolutely nothing funny about the fact that you snore, or how you snore. Snoring can lead to host of health problems such as Hypertension, Stroke and even Diabetes. Shocked?
This is not a joke, but a sad truth of life. Snoring is a very common thing. Most people are not even aware that they snore. The ones who sleep next to the snorer are badly affected. The sound of snoring can be as high as 90 decibels. The sound of normal speech is 60 decibels! In such a cacophony, how can anyone sleep? The people sleeping next to the Snorer lose upto one hour of deep sleep every night. This can be very dangerous. Even the snorer, does not get his full quota of sleep. Sleep is very necessary for the body. It is restorative and recuperating for the body. It repairs the tissues and cells that are worn out.
Lack of this deep sleep can lead to many problems, like irritability, fatigue, falling asleep suddenly during the day and no concentration! These are just some of the bad effects that both the Snorer and his partner will suffer from.
Just imagine, you won’t be able to work properly or live your daily life normally.
What is snoring? In short, the sounds that come from your node and throat, when you sleep, is called Snoring. But, why do snoring sounds occur?
Normally we breathe through our nose. At night when we sleep, our nasal passages get narrow, obstructing the airflow. The air then vibrates against the tissue in the nasal passages and the throat, creating loud noises.
Each person can have a different cause for snoring. In some it could be an over fleshy tongue, caused by excessive drinking. For another it could be allergic reaction to even the paint in the house, or the bed sheet. Another person could have an abnormal nasal tissue and snore. Basically snoring has many causes.
But in all, the common factor is, air not being able to flow smoothly and easily.
A truly ideal Snoring remedy, would be one which would work on this premise.
A perfect snore free cure, would simply ensure that air should move freely, thus effectively putting an end to snoring. But do all remedies work like that?
Let us take a look at some such Snore treatments; nasal sprays. These contain steroids and anti-histamines that are synthetic drugs, which are pumped into your blood stream. Unfortunately they do you more harm than good. You can even end up with a hole in your nasal wall and sores in your mouth. Next are nasal strips. These strips claim to work by pinching your nostrils from outside and forcibly keeping your nose open. Ouch! Even the thought is painful. Nasal strips have been known to leave scars. Why even think of all these useless and painful so called cures! The best and safest cure to make snoring stop is right here: The Snoring Clip ! A snore free clip that actually delivers results! And so soft and gentle, that you are not even aware of it. The Snore Clip, is a completely drug and toxin free product. Making it 100% safe to use. It is class product from the reliable company of Biolife Impex Pvt ltd. Manufacturers and exporters from India, they have always come out with genuine and high quality healing aids repeatedly. This Anti Snoring Clip is one such snore free device. It will work wonders on your snoring, making it stop. You will sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Call Biolife Impex today and see the change in your health. See your partner smile again. Bring back happiness

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