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Topmost 50 Computer CID Software Features for Office/Company/Parenting & Home Use


1.All Snapshots :Watch activities made by staff members and children.
2.Snapshot (HTML) :Watch activities made by staff members and children.
3.Keypressed:Check what your staff members are typing with exact date-time-user name.
4.Voice file :Listen to personal and telephonic conversation of staff members.
5.Software used (old) :Gives you a detailed list of file-folders-applications-software's used by your staff members.
6.Software used (New) :Gives you a detailed list of file-folders-applications-software's used by your staff members.
7.Websites Visited :Gives you a detailed list of Websites and Webpages visited by staff members.
8.CD/DVD Watched :Records video/Movie watched by your staff members.
9.Activity Video :Generate a video of staff activity.
10.System Info :Provides you a detailed report based on hardware and software of your computer.
11.Performance :Provides you a detailed report based on performance of your computer.
12.Refresh Data :Data Refreshing
13.Reports at a Glance :Opens all above reports simultaneously.
14.DatewiseActivity :Provides you datewise activity register in PDF format.
15.HackingProtection:Protects you and your network against computer hacking and tracing activites.
16.Remove Digital Evidence: Remove all digital evidences from your network.
17.E-mail Reports Manually :Mail staff activity reports to your seniors or Partners.
18.Configure Auto-Emailing of reports :Set details of your email ID here and get all staff activity report by email.
19.Lock and Restrictions in this system :Lock and restrict system and os related options using this key.
20.Block/Restrict websites & email IDs :Block and restrict website-webpages-email IDs using this option.
21.Unauthorized words used :Trace unauthorized words used by staff members.
22.Important& Confidential file / Database Lock :Lock and protect important files using this option.
23.Folder Lock :Lock and protect important Folders using this option.
24.Drive Lock :Lock and protect drives using this option.
25.Program Lock :Lock and protect program using this option.
26. Application Lock :You can lock the application using this option.
27.Database Lock :You can lock the database file using this option.
28.Show an HTML Register :Open HTML snapshot reports.
29.Delete all HTML Registers :Delete all HTML snapshot reports.
30.Delete all Recordings :Delete all recording of computer CCID by single click.
31.Start software by Pressing :Change the software start-up key combination.
32.Auto delete reports:Auto delete reports.
33.Save Settings :Click this option after making changes in settings.
34. Change Login Password.
35.Customize staff activity recording time :Customize staff activity recording time as per your requirement.
36.Snapshot recording speed :Change snapshot recording speed.
37.Record / Block websites watched for more than :For Website and webpages recording time set.
38.Install in staff PCs :You can generate the Staff computer list for install to staff computer setup.
39.Settings in Staff PCs :Change settings in staff computers remotely and without visiting physically.
40.Pause Recording :Pause recording temporarily.
41.Watch staff Activity :Watch staff activities from main computers using this options.
42.. Keyword Block: Make settings to send fake messages to staff member if he is using unauthorized keywords which are blocked by you in staff pc.
43. Make settings to send fake messages to staff member if he is using unauthorized websites which are blocked by you in staff pc.
44. Detailed report about unauthorized activities: Part one : You can get the detailed report of unauthorized words that are used on staff members computer.
45.Detailed report about unauthorized activities :Part Two : You can get the detailed report of unauthorized website that are used on staff members computer.
46.Configure settings to send emails if unethical activities done :You can configure the staff email id and send email to staff using this option.
47.Check faithfulness of your employees :This report gives exact picture about performances of employees.
48.Staff connect option :Send message to your staff member using this option, Your Staff member will get immediate information on their desktop.
49.Power Re-Indexing :This is a powerful option to remove work threads from hard disk drive. It removes them from the roots and customer's computer becomes very secured.
50.UAC and other feature settings:After entering in CCID software, press CONTROL+ ALT+ SHIFT+Wto set User Account Control setting (for Windows 8 only) and to stop other features (i.e. Stop Keypress, Stop Websites visited, Stop CD/DVD watched etc.) on main system.
List of Technical key features in Computer CID software
Monitors records captures all employee activities in five different formats: images, text, snapshots, video and voice.
This software works 100 % confidentially and silently. Starts working in background at system boot without informing people working on server or client computers. Your staff members will never come to know that Computer CID is installed and watching & recording their activities every moment. Even computer experts or hackers or maintenance people cannot threads of this software.
No need to visit client computers to check activities of employees. You can fetch recorded data to your own computer for viewing purpose.
Works for both, domain & workgroup (peer-to-peer), type networks. No dedicated server or computer required. You can make server to any computer or your personal laptop. Fully compatible with diskless client systems (thin clients) and any version of Microsoft Windows.
Computer CID is totally invisible.You will NOT find any symptom in hard disk, controlpanel, add / remove programs, application list, process list, windows services etc. Software is invisible and recordings are encrypted. Not traceable at all.
Get all recordings of client computers on your email address every day. Check and keep watch on office activities when you are out of office and not around.
Get recording with exact date time user information.Eliminates frivolous and wasteful user activities.
Captures and analyzes user activity to ensure adherence to acceptable use policies,stop leakage or theft of company information, and meet compliance requirements.
Increases employee productivity. Reduces company liability. Reduces Legal Risk.
Also records conversation of staff members confidentially. Know what your staff is thinking and talking about you and your company.
Records porn adult sexual websites visited.Identify, track, and manage security breaches.
Receive immediate notifications regarding critical events via email.
After installing, you never have to visit the computer again. Settings can be adjusted online.
It's a completely secure solution. It works hidden from monitored users. Recordings are strongly encrypted and cannot be seen by monitored users.
Computer CID has become the no.1 computer network activity recording & employee monitoring software because it records everything(an employee does on the computer and on the Internet) with responsibility and delivers the truth to employers to save their hard-earned money and reputation. This software has been selected by the experts as Best in Class.
Computer CID records emails sent and received, web sites visited, programs run, network bandwidth used, files downloaded, all key pressed & mouse pressed, porn adult websites visited, Facebook / Orkut / twitter and other social sites visited, conversation made in office,documents and letter opened created modified, internet used, web searches made,password entered, confidential files such as quotation bills purchase price list tempered / changed, cybercrimedone,illegal activities made,network computers used,files shared and transferred,folders and files copied / stolen on CD / pen drive, files and software's downloaded, Video CDs / DVD watched, instant messages sent, chat conversations made, IP address hacked, server hacked , websites& data hacked and all other major / minor activities made on computer system with exact date time user information.
In addition, Computer CID takes photographs to create the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape, so you can see the EXACT sequence of everything your employees are doing, step by step.
This detailed recorded information is automatically organized for easy analysis and reporting, making monitoring thorough, yet fast and simple, providing you with all the evidence you need to prove guilt or innocence.
Record, capture, analyze and report on everything employees do at the PC and on the Internet, to prove both suspicions and accusations of wrongdoing. !