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100 Good Reasons to purchase Business on Finger Software


1. Rated India's #1 CRM, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Support Management software.
2. Manages Sales, Marketing, Customer services, Support system for all businesses, all industries right from a small proprietary company to giant multinational corporate.
3. Keep Complete track of your business enquiries, either customer is new one or existing one. Provides equal importance to all.
4. Sourcewise / Call weightagewise / Salesmanwise / Agent-Brokerwise / Clientwise / Areawise / Zonewise / Citywise / Statewise / Countrywise / Productwise enquiry management with register facility.
5. Manage Quotation of enquiries.
6. Manage tracking of responses received from customer after each follow up.
7. Powerful Order Management with Printing.
8. Keeps track of completed, partially completed, pending orders with register printing. Manages Clientwise / Salesmanwise / Agent-Broker wise / Productwise / Areawise / Citywise / Statewise / Zonewise / Countrywise Order Management with printing.
9. Conversion of Enquiry into fixed sales with customizable Invoice Printing.
10. Keeps track of completed, partially completed, pending Sales with register printing. Manages Clientwise / Salesmanwise / Agent-Broker wise / Productwise / Areawise / Citywise / Statewise / Zonewise / Countrywise Actual Sales Management with printing.
11. Pending and unclosed Enquiry Management.
12. Set Sales Targets of your Salesman Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Areawise, Zonewise, Productwise, Enquirywise, and so on. And Compare it with actual sales.
13. Set Sales targets of your agents / brokers / distributors / dealers / and channel partners.
14. Powerful comparison between Sales targets and actual Sales.
15. Manage daily appointments of your Salesman. No one of your Salesman will seat free in office without appointment by using this option. You won't find this type of Salesman scheduler in any other software.
16. Group Appointment Management.
17. Pending enquires final status will keep you to decide whether you should contact those enquiries in future
18. Inbuilt Sales & Marketing Planner.
19. Supports all types of marketing techniques like Telemarketing, Direct Marketing, Indirect Marketing, e-commerce Marketing, Door-to-Door Marketing, Reference Marketing, Postal Marketing etc.
20. Sales Analysis and Future Sales Forecasting.
21. Free-time slot management of Salesman and Service engineers.
22. Alerts for Today's important events, Service call, Sales appointment, Maintenance Contract renewals.
23. Inbuilt CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. No additional charges.
24. Manage Sales related budgets smartly, Provides clear picture for salesman Expense Budget, Sales efforts budgets, marketing expense budgets etc. by just a key press.
25. Compare Budgeted Expense with Actual Expense and get clear scenario about your marketing activities, sensible comparison feature are available.
26. An extraordinary inbuilt Expense Management System. It's easy how to manage your small big sales related expenses, Salesman's travelling expenses, marketing expenses, Commissions, advertisement expenses, expense mode , behind sales efforts, communication expenses etc. very smartly.
27. Manages Customer Services and Support for all Service industries, all types of service oriented businesses.
28. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Management System. Applicable to each and every service industry including computer hardware, electronics, electrical, telecom, mechanical, Production etc.
29. Service Call Management System.
30. Service Engineers Performance and Call Management System.
31. Past to Feature Service Calls Management with tracks of history.
32. Customer Support Analysis and Forecasting.
33. On-Field (On-Site) Maintenance Management System.
34. Service Center Management System.
35. Rental Service Management System.
36. Preventive Service Management System.
37. Material Repairing Management System.
38. Manages daily schedules of service engineers.
39. Customer services and support related graphical Analysis.
40. Material Replacement / Stand by Management.
41. Batch No. wise and Serial No. wise Item Maintenance Management.
42. Guarantee and Warrantee Management with alerts for Item Expiry.
43. Departmentwise,Prioritywise,Statewise Material Maintenance.
44. Powerful Complaint Acceptance – Follow ups – Service Call Routine.
45. Group Service calls management.
46. Expense Management System for Service Call gives you correct picture of your earnings by providing comparison of Maintenance Contract and related Service calls.
47. Customer Services and support related Project Management System. Provide systematic services to your customer. Gain more business using this powerful module.
48. Manages Budgets of Service Expenses and compares it with Actual Expenses, Salary, Service Call Expenses, Replacement of Material incase correct is comprehensive. Gives you correct scenario if you are in service industry.
49. Covers all aspects of Service Industry like Maintenance Contract, Freelance Calls, Complaints, Follow Ups, Action taken, Service Calls, Replacement, warranty, Guarantee, Status, Problem Solution, Service Engineers Remarks etc. A time tested system makes this software the only solution for service industry.
50. Starting and Ending datewise, Companywise, Personwise, Typewise, Area – City – State – Countrywise, Itemwise, Maintenance Contract Registers available with printing.
51. Clientwise, Companywise, Service Engineerwise, Staring Timewise, Ending Timewise, Statuswise, Area – City – State – Countrywise, Prioritywise, Departmentwise, Item Batch No. and Serial No. wise Service Calls Management with printing.
52. Chargeable / Non Chargeable Service Calls, Delay in Services, Complaint Time v/s Service Call Time, Pending Service Call Management etc. are other unique features of this software.
53. Service Center Management: Datewise, Clientwise, Companywise, Sourcewise, Agentwise, Service Enginnerwise, Itemwise, Statuswise, Inward registers with printing. Batchwise, Serial No. wise, Expiry Datewise Inward – Outward Registers always available. Powerful management of pending Inwards and Outwards.
54. Rental Services & Replacement: Datewise, Clientwise, Companywise, Sourcewise, Agentwise, Service Enginnerwise, Itemwise, Statuswise, Outward registers with printing. Batchwise, Serial No. wise, Expiry Datewise Inward – Outward Registers always available. Powerful management of pending Outwards - Inwards.
55. Online and offline printing of Estimate memo, Material Acceptance Receipt, Inward – Outward challan, Service call sheet etc.
56. Company Consolidation. View / Print merge reports.
57. Get customer satisfaction ratio. Provide good services to satisfied customers. Do your level bets for unsatisfied customer to get them back.
58. Inbuilt Service Calls Schedule Maker.
59. Third party Maintenance Management System.
60. Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Service Plans Maker improves your relationship with customers and helps a lot to get more from them.
61. Chartical outputs related with enquires, Sales, Sales Targets, Expenses, Service Calls, Maintenance Contacts, Complaints, Followups etc.
62. Item Batchwise Sales Management with track of item expiry date.
63. Item Serial Numberwise Sales Management with track of item expiry date.
64. Online and offline printing of customizable Enquiry Slip, Quotation, Order Confirmation Note, Delivery Note and Sales Invoice.
65. Extra ordinary Bulk e-mailing system. Send email to Categorized customers by a Click. Thousands of e-mails can be sent just by a single keystroke.
66. Complete Event management system is inbuilt with the software. Keeps track of your To – Dos and important tasks. View / Print Completed, Pending, Clientwise, Productwise, Companywise Event Registers.
67. A very Powerful inbuilt Contact Management System is inbuilt. Enter customer details manually or import data from Microsoft Outlook Express. Very easy to View / Print customer details Companywise, Namewise, Surnamewise, Sexwise, Groupwise Also by City, Area, Pincode, State, Country, Birthdate, Anniversary, email address, website.
68. Inbuilt Query based Report designer. Design any type of report or modify existing reports as per your requirements
69. Printing of customer Telephone Diary.
70. Mailing Label Printing of desired size is always available.
71. Printing of forms can be done on plain paper, letterhead or preprinted stationeries.
72. Inbuilt Sales & Service Reminder System.
73. Unlimited Companies, Masters, Transactions can be managed. No limitations.
74. Very strong administrator and user password systems.
75. No Database corruption. No data loss because of viruses and Power Fluctuations. Database Manager always works behind in Business on Finger .
76. Inbuilt Printer Setup. Use any type of Printer to get printouts.
77. More than 600 reports to View / Print.
78. Easy Year end Process. No complications. Just a keypress.
79. Detailed outline helps in every option.
80. Practical inbuilt PowerTips to use the package more efficiently.
81. Powerful Creation / Alteration / Deletion / Printing Securities. No one can misuse your software without your permission.
82. Less data entries. Fast report generation. Fast report printing.
83. Powerful search in every report.
84. Any report can be transferred into Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, dbase, Foxpro and Acrobat reader.
85. Predefined Master Lists. Masters can be transferred from one company to another.
86. No additional Charges for network version. Package can be used on unlimited nodes at a time.
87. Beautiful Colours and practical designs. Even a non-technical person can understand the software and use within minutes.
88. Entire software can be used by mouse and keyboard. Use only , and function keys to enter your data. This makes Business on Finger very fast and easy to operate.
89. Powerful and Selective internal Backup and Restore System.
90. Continuous developments and free upgradations.
91. Low and lowest pricing.
92. Very strong and prompt technical support available. A well qualified customer support team is always available in services of customers.
93. Distributors and Dealers channel available in all parts of the country.
94. No Key Diskette or double lock required to run the software. Just install it by the CD, remove the CD and use it forever.
95. Easy and self running installation procedure. Even a non-technical person can install the software within a minute.
96. Works successfully on all versions of Microsoft Windows. i.e. Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / XP / 2000 / 2003 and above.
97. Free self running Training CD is available with the pack which will teach you how to use this software more efficiently. Just sit back, relax and watch two hours live show of usage and functionality of this software. Latest technology in IT industry. No problem now if your operator leaves your company. Trainer is always with you.
98. 24-hour online telephonic and e-mail customer service department to be opened shortly.
99. Monthly email letters about news, upgrades and services to all Customers.
100. Three different versions available.