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The Most Powerful Topmost 11 Computer Fraud & Cheating Eliminating Software Features:


1)The most powerful computer fraud & cheating eliminating software 

2) World's first software that gives you SMS alerts while staff members are doing any unethical computer activities.You can catch your unfaithful employees red-handed. 

3) Works 100 % confidentially. Staff members will never come to know that FraudAlert is installed on their computer and sending SMSes to the seniors about their unethical activities. 

4) Very simple and easy to use.Just install it,enter objectionable keywords and forget everything.No need to open software again and again to watch unethical activities of staff members.FraudAlert will alert you by sending SMSes on your personal mobile phone. 

5) Sends SMSes on immediate basis and without any delay in order to stop unwanted activities on immediate basis. 

6) staff member who is doing unethical activities will get immediate SMS on his personal mobile.He will be shocked and stop his fraud-cheating immediately and company will be saved. 

7)No problem if internet connection of your staff members are OFF.FraudAlert Software will gather all unethical activities if internet is off and send them all as it starts. 

8) Very simple and straight-forward software.No computer or technical knowledge needed. 

9)Fully applicable to all mobile service providers across the country.Also compatible with all versions of Microsoft windows. 

10) FraudAlert is the only system available of it's kind that warns you as and when needed.No need to check reports or open computer.Your cell phone in your pocket is more than enough. 

11) Companies invest lots of money,struggle,hardwork,experience and manpower.Do not put your company on a matter of chance.Computercrimes,cybercrimes,data tempering etc are biggest problem in the world today.Secure you company before it's too late.